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What is offset?

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Imagine if you had a wheel that was a 20x9 wheel. This means the wheel is a 20 inch wheel in diameter, and is 9 inches from each side where the tire beads on the wheel.

What is my bolt pattern?

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The bolt pattern of a vehicle is the measurement of the studs (those things that the lug nuts go on!) from one stud to the opposing stud across the circle. Often bolt circle can be stated in standard (inches) or metric (millimeters). Example, a 6x5.5 pattern is the same as a 6x139.7mm pattern. [...]

What is centerbore or hub bore?

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The centerbore of the wheel is the opening stated in millimeters in the center of the wheel measured on the backside of the wheel. Note: This is NOT the same as the opening where the centercap on the face side of the wheel. It should also be noted that even if your vehicle has the same [...]

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